Description of our product

Our jigsaw puzzles are printed on high quality thick cardboard, and packaged loose in a gift box with a label featuring a photo of your puzzle (this is optional at no cost--please let us know via email if you do not want a photo label). Once your order is placed (we accept major credit cards via Google Checkout), the puzzles will take three days to manufacture and 1-4 days for shipping.

How does this thing work?

To start, choose a template for the kind of puzzle you'd like (you can always change this later). Then, click the "Add an image" button to add your photo. Next, add some text to your puzzle if you like. Each time you make a change and click "Update your puzzle," your puzzle preview will change.

Not satisfied with the way things look yet? Modify any of the text or image elements you added by making changes and clicking on "Update your puzzle."

When you're happy with the way it looks, click "Add this puzzle to your cart" and you're ready to order. Or start again fresh with a new template by clicking on the Puzzlematic logo.

What can you do with a puzzle?

A lot! Here are some ideas:

Designing / Previewing

How accurate is the puzzle preview?

The image you order for your puzzle will be the same image used to create the puzzle. When ordering, please ensure that this is exactly how you want the image to look. We recommend viewing your photo at 100% to inspect the quality of your image before placing your order.

PLEASE NOTE: The location of the puzzle pieces in the preview is NOT guaranteed. The piece previews are shown only for general reference and may be either cut slightly differently in the final puzzle, or rotated 180 degrees. Therefore, we do not recommend attempting to place or align text/letters/images on specific pieces. The piece gaps/outlines are exaggerated for easier previewing--they will be thinner and less noticeable in the final product.

What does "bring to front" do?

Checking this box brings the image or text element to the very front layer of your puzzle image.

Acceptable Images

We cannot print copyrighted images without a release form signed by the photographer/artist--please contact us before placing an order to arrange this. We will not print any explicit/obscene images.


When you are done designing your puzzle, click the "Add this puzzle to your cart" button at the bottom. You will be able to view your cart from there and can then order.

We ship via USPS Priority Mail to the US only. Most orders ship within three business days. Please contact us if turnaround is an issue.

Please take a look at our pricing information for details.


Since each puzzle is individually customized for you, we cannot accept returns on any of the products. We strongly suggest previewing the puzzle at 100% to make sure the quality is acceptable. Puzzles are printed exactly as ordered from the design page.

We reserve the right to refund the amount charged to you in its entirety for an unfulfilled order for any reason. We will make every effort possible to fulfill your order, however we are not responsible for issues related to the shipping companies used.

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